An Invitation to Disruptors and Innovators of the Healthcare Industry!

We invite leaders and innovators, individuals and groups, facilitators and medical and other service providers that have come to realize that unless we find a way to instill trust, transparency, high standards and consistent high-touch service protocols across the varying service providers and global borders, the Medical Tourism Industry we participate in will continue to be perceived as a rogue and somewhat risky alternative to local healthcare instead of the shining example of what Global HealthCARE should aspire to and most certainly can be!

Our goals are to…

  • Establish Optimal Standards of Practice, proven to yield optimal results and high patient satisfaction, for each of the individual service providers in a medical tourist patient’s experience based on the 3 Tenets of the IMTCC: Patient Advocacy, Aftercare and Accountability.
  • Provide training, mentoring, oversight and compliance of these standards and duplicable workflow procedures to active members of the IMTCC through the website AND through local means as we establish regional IMTCC Desks in various international destinations as we grow.
  • Provide a platform for members to highlight your commitment and performance to patients, your global professional peers and other sources of referral bases that are looking for excellence and accountability in health care providers to refer their patients to in confidence.
  • Dismantle the current income model of kickbacks, commissions, hidden-costs, surgical fee-padding and other forms of earning and cost-adding (as opposed to value-adding) service models that are not congruent with transparency, ethics and true patient representation.
  • Global Patient Advocates (GPA)” will become the title of those “facilitators/MTFs” that choose this more transparent model. They will train and be certified and work with and FOR their patient on a fee-for-service and contracted basis as they gather information and plan their experience, rather than being beholden to a doctor or hospital.
  • “Global Patient Advocate Liaisons (GPAL)” is the unique recognition by the IMTCC of the very essential person on the ground in the destination country that takes up the patient advocacy and provides accountability during the most important part of the patient experience.  Up to now, no distinction has been made between an MTF who provides pre-op help and is often based in the patient’s origin country and one that is on the ground to accompany the patient through their medical experience.  And sometimes, many MTFs are capable of doing both.  However, two sets of skills separate the two designations however fee transparency and patient advocacy is always at their core. They insure that expectations are met and standards are followed.
  • Dissolve the need to refer to only the doctors and clinics with whom one has a “commission contract” established. As members and even individual patients, they will be able to confidently and transparently offer or choose any provider in the IMTCC network and KNOW that
    • they work under the same ethics and protocols that they do,
    • that the patient will have continuous support, advocacy and medically appropriate aftercare
    • and that EACH member is held to the highest standards and reporting procedures.
  • Benchmarking to Create a global network of the BEST global healthcare providers (physicians/specialists), Patient Advocates (GPAs/PALs), Hospitals, Hotels and other ancillary support services that all agree to use and promote THE Best Standards of Practices, be willing to be held accountable for the services they provide the patient AND work transparently and in the spirit of collaboration with any other IMTCC member.
  • With regional IMTCC Concierge Desks and representatives, we can provide essential aftercare services between discharge and return home and consistently “touch” and obtain feedback/surveys from patients, the GPAs/PALs, doctors/clinics, the hotel, essentially ALL the different providers to see how these standards and collaboration efforts are working and how we can innovate and improve at every level. IMTCC members MUST be COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE and willing to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE through Benchmarking and the data that will be gathered.
  • The IMTCC will make the performance and satisfaction results of its members available to the public on an ongoing and regular basis and continued membership will be strictly based on member’s results and performance, exclusively.

If these are values and goals that you resonate with, we invite you to join the IMTCC.   If you have any further questions or concerns, we would welcome your contact!

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